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Happy 3-month-late 2017!!!


I haven’t had the time to do a proper blogpost about my Japan trip because uni. ’nuff said. Though it’s term break now, there’s ECA + pre-course quiz to do, for a just a 2 weeks break meh. So I guess, I’ll leave that for some other time when I have more of it. Which is a very long while later lul.

A very backdated throwback to New year’s eve, where I celebrated the end of 2016 with the poly clique at Jaren’s house. STEAMBOAAATTTT. Just want to say that I’m really thankful for 2016. 2016 has been a year that I look back and realised how much I’ve grown and how much I’ve progressed. It has its ups and downs but it definitely taught me a lot. I’m especially thankful for my Greece trip, and especially especially thankful to have Jon found me (or the other way works as well). Love always works in a mysterious way, you never know who you’ll love, where you’ll find love, how you’ll love. And the best part is you never know how good love can get until someone loves you harder than the other. In the end, the ideal guy might not be the best guy for you. So yup, 2016 ended and 2017 started with Jon, I don’t think there’s anything better than that.

Chinese new year came and went as like every year. This year, due to yeye’s passing, it was a pretty quite affair for my family. It kinda sucked for me because I couldn’t enjoy all the good food and steamboat cuz for my skin condition.

Valentine’s Day went by and it was great. Jon came to school to fetch me with a bouquet of flowers. How corny hehehe. But I loved it. Although I told him before that I’m not a fan/into flowers, but it’s the thoughts that counts really. I feel so lucky to be able to receive my share of flowers. We spent the afternoon at St. Games like the geeks we are and  had dinner at Cedele like the gluttons we are. Simple, but amazing date (4th date yeah?) like every other dates we have. I mean, as long as there’s good food, it’s amazing to us HAHA. Completed the night with a movie, xXx or something like that I can’t rly rmb(it’s not porn I swear).

Currently, home’s situation is in a mess. Skin condition isn’t that great. Urgh. I hope everything gets better soon though. Really really can’t wait to recover. I’m thinking positively everydayyyyy. I hope mom stays strong and I’m grateful to have my strong pillar of support.

love, cheryl




Favourite month of the year is finally here!!!! Can’t help but think that 2016 went past in a blink of an eye. Anyways, just some update on how my December has been…. nothing short of fantastic actually 😁


Went to Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay with the handsome one. Is it finally #3rdDate? Had lots of fun seeing the beautiful christmas lights, trying our hand at the carnival and eating straight-up raspberry sorbet 🤣 apparently we kinda suck at carnival games but babe won me a Mr Panda huehue. Raspberry sorbet was a challenge to finish though….
img_2661Hi Mr Panda!



Damn right you straight-up raspberry sorbet



Our first instant photo together HEHE.

Thank you my dear for such an amazing date! It’s truly the company that matters. We could be anywhere doing anything as long as i got you by my side it’ll definitely be fun HAHA. (like eating raspberry sorbet)


17/12 – Second secret santa this Christmas with the poly clique! Got an underarmor cap from Jas 😁 and guess who was my santee though? Yup, jon HAHA.

16/12 – First secret santa this Christmas with my uni classmates!


And I’m so glad i passed my first sem in uni HAHAHAHHA. Uni no go 😶

Gonna go bake some brownies with my man now. CIAO.

Happy first month to #jaycee!!!




Finally get to spend a day out with bae. We had a date at the ArtScience Museum! Everything was great because it’s the company that matters x1000 hehehe. Thank you, love, for getting the tickets!!! Our last stop at the museum was the iconic lights. We waited for like about 30 minutes for the “booooom” effect that never came. I got impatient but babe is patient as usual. I was so hangry :S (although babe was hungry even before we got in but he didn’t complain unlike me hahahha) We settled for a nice dinner at the Teppanyaki stall at 313’s foodcourt. Yum!

25/11 – we went to KTV with the gang although I was coughing like crap. Sounded like a crow (with sore throat – I also sound like one normal day).

26/11 – spent the day nuaing (our true nature) like the genuine sloths we are. Oh, and we finally completed an online movie (Now you see me 2) for the first time. We were so proud!!

‘Twas a great 4 days spent with bae, thankful that he took leave and spent all 4 days with me. We never had much time together over the past 4 months to go on dates whatsoever. It’s always either we were too tired/lazy on weekends or we just don’t have to time to. SOOO, we’re really thankful to be able to spent 4 friggin’ days together yay! Rare and very treasured  by us (:

So thankful for this guy because he truly taught me to love again. I thought I was incapable of feeling anything anymore after being broken and empty. I always look at him and think: wow, we’re together? It’s so surreal cause Jon is just so nice. He makes me want to become a better person. I love him because he’s so kind, so patient, so loving. He don’t get mad when I am unhappy because of certain things, and are even receptive to them. He’s always willing to talk things out, and when I talk, he listens. Listen not just to reply me, but listen to know how I feel. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing guy to love me despite my flaws and insecurities.

God thank you, you’re always so kind.

Till then.


Exams exams exams.

Thankful for this guy’s effort in delivering lunch and dinner and for the company. Saturdays, though always too short, are always so perfect with you.


I’m so lucky to have you, Jon.


Love, cheryl