With no warning given, the weather made a drastic 180 degrees change and started pouring right before I left house. Just the other day, I was making my way for a 12pm lesson from home like any other school days. But because of the weather, I delayed a little. And like any other day, I was really oblivious to my surroundings, I alighted at the wrong MRT stop. I silently laughed at my silliness and detoured.

Right at the bus stop, SHOOTS, I realised I forgot about my laptop (which is basically like my textbook because we use laptop for everything). Funny thing was that I did packed the laptop charger.

SO anyways, I got a bit flustered… which is probably why I boarded the wrong bus. However, I didn’t even realised it till I saw Beauty World Station. At that moment, I was already about 10 minutes late for lesson. In the end, I took a uber to school and was 30 minutes late for class.

Many many things went wrong for me in just a short span of 1 hour. In this situation, I could get all affected and be mad, or just stay calm and laughed it off. Perhaps I was just in a good mood that day, I woke up on the right side of the bed, I had a good night sleep blah blah blah. But this serves a really good reminder to me to always take things easy. Whatever that could gone wrong, would go wrong. Should I have been really pissed and keep harping on that is has been a bad day, I would be in a shit ass mood for the whole friggin day. But when I just moved on, I feel that my mood picked up again.

I guess that sometimes in life, we cannot always take things too seriously. We can always remember the things that went wrong, as valuable lessons,  but we cannot hold on to them. Unhappiness is like an anchor, it’s gonna pull us down, and one day we’re gonna drown in them.

So let live happiness. Enjoy every single day because we’re never going to have them back!

Love, cheryl.