Day 1 (3/01):

I remember feeling all nervous taking a plane alone for the first time. Yet, I was so excited. Joey met me at Hokkaido airport and I changed into winter clothing and all. I was so wrapped up like a little dumpling. But when we stepped out of the door, I feel like perhaps I can wear a hundred more layers because winter in Hokkaido feels like an endless freezer.

It was already late when I arrived and I was starving. After a long gruesome 1hour ride, we finally reach the area of her apartment. She brought me to eat some fast food chain of beef rice bowl. IT WAS GREAT.


Day 2 (4/03):

Spent our day walking at the streets of Otaru. I can’t even tell you enough how beautiful that place is. It really looked like a place out from a fairytale. There was just white everywhere. After walking by the canal, we went to the food district and I had the best king crab, yum!!! I remember how we want to take photos but it was too cold for our hands to leave our pockets, therefore the lack of photos 😦

One thing about living in a winter country is that, you won’t feel like bathing because that means you have to part with your dear clothes. And after forcing yourself into the hot shower, you just don’t feel like coming out, hahaha.

oh and, the really plain looking food in the picture, the Oden, is hands down my favourite 7-11 food!! I MISS IT SO MUCH T-T

Day 3 (5/01):

Caught a flight to Osaka, and I thought that, maybe we can run from the cold for a little bit. I was soooo wrong, the wind in Osaka is a killer. After the really confusing train ride and stuff, we got to our AirBnB and rested abit before heading out again. By that time, it was already dark because winter = shorter days and longer nights. Dotonburi was a bustling street of shops and food. We tried some beef thing (can’t remember what it’s called, but basically it’s fried on the outside and pretty uncooked in the inside), where we didn’t really enjoy. But the seared beef bowl with the onsen egg was really good though!

One thing I also love about Japan is that they have vending machines everywhere that disperse hot green tea. It’s really a lifesaver during winter.

Day 4 (6/01):

Got up early and made our way to Universal Studios Japan!!!! I was reaaaalllyyyyy excited to go there because Harry Potter Land. So anyways, even though we were pretty early, the ticket and entrance queue was already crazily long. After entering, we straight went for Harry Potter land first. It was soooo pretty, the place. Hot butter beer was really good too! Next, we went to test our limits at the roller coasters. I think the real test was really queuing for the rides. Because it was SO cold and that 2h wait in the cold was just, omg-is-it-our-turn-already. Ended our trip to USJ with those like mini shows and parade.

I was extremely tired already. So when we were having our super awesome steamboat dinner, idk if you can imagine this, but I was falling asleep while chewing my food LOL.

Day 5 (7/01):

Nara Park day! The deers there were extremely cute but when they see food, be sure that they will pester you to no ends. We tried hiding the biscuits in our pocket, but it backfired because they end up chewing our jackets and stuff. Also, these cutie pies actually bow back at you when you bow at them!!!

Day 6 (8/01):

Better known as legs-day haha. We went to Kyoto Prefecture to see the shrines. We went to a particular area/shrine/idk what but there were just steps after steps. Really beautiful place though. The greens from the tree together with the orange from the thousand tore gates really made the climb so worth it. The view? nothing less than gorgeous. I was really proud to reach the top btw. There were so many times I wanted to just give up LOL. Also, they serve really nice hot soba there.

Day 7 (9/01):

Back to winterwonderland Hokkaido. It was a chill day there because we were already so worn out from all the travelling. Mostly just eat and shop and eat again. Highlight of day 8 was really the wagyu beef which we paid a bomb to tried. Unsurprisingly, it was sooo oiishi hehehe. We bought another plate of different part of the cow to compare. Although both was really good, the wagyu beef literally just melts in your mouth. So, so delicious.


Day 8 (10/01):

Jo had school in the morning so I had a great sleep till like near noon and then headed to do some shopping on my own. I went to the Pokemon shop to get some souvenirs. Well, the one in Hokkaido is pretty small and there wasn’t much variety though. After that, Jo brought me for some soup curry. I was really curious and skeptical as to how it would taste but god I WANT MORE NOW. Wow the ingredients were just so fresh and so good. The soup was amazing too.

Day 9 (11/01):

We were supposed to head to the outlet mall after Jo’s school but apparently the bus service to there stops after 1pm. We had no choice but cancelled our plans and shopped around (as there isn’t much to do at the town we were at). Near 5pm, Jo brought me to try some BBQ pork bowl for dinner (as usual, very awesome), and we headed for Mt Moiwa. By the time we were there, the sky was already dark although it was only 6pm-ish. The top of the mountain was a gorgeous sight to behold. It was also literally breath-taking because it was so cold and we couldn’t enjoy it much. So jeng jeng jeng we head for hot chocolate instead 😀

It was also my last night in Japan. Really bittersweet.

Day 10 (12/01):

Denial me just want to extend my holidays but broke me says I have to get back to reality. So broke me and Joey trudged my luggage to the bus where we parted our ways. You know the feeling where you just don’t want to leave… yeah I was having some serious Japan-withdrawals at the airport when I was having my Starbucks and waiting for my flight.

This trip was nothing short of amazing, awesome, everything. The food, the people, everything really. I enjoyed the sushi, the oden, the cheap but good beef bowl and many and everything more. Did I also mentioned I misplace my wallet thrice? And of all the 3 times, I was able to get it back with nothing being taken away.


Hope I’ll be able to go back soon to see the cherry blossoms and busk in the awesome culture again.

love, cheryl.