Favourite month of the year is finally here!!!! Can’t help but think that 2016 went past in a blink of an eye. Anyways, just some update on how my December has been…. nothing short of fantastic actually 😁


Went to Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay with the handsome one. Is it finally #3rdDate? Had lots of fun seeing the beautiful christmas lights, trying our hand at the carnival and eating straight-up raspberry sorbet 🤣 apparently we kinda suck at carnival games but babe won me a Mr Panda huehue. Raspberry sorbet was a challenge to finish though….
img_2661Hi Mr Panda!



Damn right you straight-up raspberry sorbet



Our first instant photo together HEHE.

Thank you my dear for such an amazing date! It’s truly the company that matters. We could be anywhere doing anything as long as i got you by my side it’ll definitely be fun HAHA. (like eating raspberry sorbet)


17/12 – Second secret santa this Christmas with the poly clique! Got an underarmor cap from Jas 😁 and guess who was my santee though? Yup, jon HAHA.

16/12 – First secret santa this Christmas with my uni classmates!


And I’m so glad i passed my first sem in uni HAHAHAHHA. Uni no go 😶

Gonna go bake some brownies with my man now. CIAO.