Hello World,

Not a good time to post because I’m supposed to go out soon to celebrate grandma’s birthday, so I shall make this quick.

I’ve just returned from a 8-day trip to Malaysia, Cameron Highland > Ipoh > KL. We took a 8-hour train ride from JB to KL, followed by a 2-hour car ride to Cameron. It was a great trip with mom and dad, and dad’s friends. As you grow up, you’ll spend lesser time at home, thus time with family is always so precious.

I didn’t quite enjoy Cameron. Firstly because the weather wasn’t as cold as before. Secondly, it’s infested with houseflies. Thirdly, it wasn’t strawberry season yet when we arrived, thus the strawberries were sour 😦 I think this trip to Cameron really make me appreciate my living environment in Singapore more than ever. We don’t have to eat in a housefly-infested environment whereby we cannot stop swapping houseflies away and eat in peace. The food at the night market were also housefly-infested and you wouldn’t even want to think of buying the food. We also visited tea plantations, although I was hoping that we would visit opium plantation, as mom said she visited them years ago. But I guess they closed down haha.

(I am actually back from visiting granny)

Ipoh was a food haven. The food streets were filled with local delicacy that can’t be found here in Singapore. Although I kind of guess that food were better in Ipoh due to the stronger taste (saltier, sweeter etc) of the people there. I personally enjoyed their beancurd, fish soup beehoon and salted chicken!  We also visited Kellie’s Castle and a few of the limestone cave temple. However, there isn’t much to do there, so we were stranded at the hotel at 7.30pm for the 2 nights we were there.

I visited 2 of my cheer friends, Sandy and Weiliang in KL. KL was our last destination and we spent 2 days there. I think it was one of the best highlight, because I got to meet up with my friends I haven’t seen in awhile! They brought me around for really awesome food (nasi lemak, thick toast, pan mee, snowflake, burger, chatime), boy I was so bloated at the end of the day! We went for ice-skating, archery and shisha!! Had so much fun talking about cheer and our cultural difference, kept laughing and chatting about everything under the sun. How I enjoyed their company and I really really miss them so much right now!

Anyhow, I hope grandma will be okay soon. Guess what tho? YASSS, my macbook is finally here 😀 Excited for the next trip!

Till then.