Hello world.

It has been awhile. I haven’t had the time to update because my laptop decided to stop working πŸ˜₯ dear laptop, you have served me well. Last 3 years of my poly life was partly a breeze due to you.

So recently, I turned 21.

And I thank god for everything that has happened in my life, all the good and all the bad that has shaped me to the person I am today. I’m really thankful that I’ve got so amazing people around me that loves and accept me for who I am. My friends, my family. I can’t be any happier and I just feel so contented :’)

Let’s start with the weekend before my birthday. Had brunch with Shawn, as I really wanted to try this gluten-free restaurant but it wasn’t open 😦 Nevertheless, it was still a good time. I’m lucky to have a guy best friend like him who’s always so supportive in my decisions, straight forward to keep my on track, but always there for me to rant my problems.

In the afternoon, #dontbeacareen had a little staycation at Studio M hotel where they surprised me with a really awesome unicorn-theme party! I was so surprised and overwhelmed, because after all, I wasn’t close to them before. It was only recently that we started hanging out, but they are really amazing people. They made me unicorn hat, made me a birthday cake made out of watermelon (because no gluten no dairy), surprised me with a pinΓ£ta and a hugeee unicorn balloon! I think that the best part of all is the really great company.

So the next day, we had a family gathering from both sides of my family. It was something I wanted because family is something that brought my through this 21 years of my life. Nothing is more important and precious than them. I am thankful to have such a tight-knitted family and I will not trade them for the world. As much as there is some unhappiness here and there from time to time, I know they always have my back. I know that when I need them, they will always be there. I know that when I am weak, they will be my pillar of support ❀️

Later that night, I also had dinner with Beaunice and Lina. The two girls that I have known almost half of my life. Though we may be busy and living our lives in different direction, but when we are together, it’s like secondary school all over again. Those times were the best time of my life :’) I don’t know what would I do without these gems in my lifeπŸ™†πŸΌ

On my birthday, ahtan and I embarked on a voyage to Batam. We made plans for 3 days 2 nights at Montigo Resorts! Best choice ever. I am so amazed at their service. Before our trip, they constantly kept in touch with me to make sure everything is well prepared and planned. During our trip, the staffs were so friendly and helpful!! Not to mention the buggy ride that is just a call away, there’s no need to even walk when you just want to relax πŸ˜› After the trip, they made the effort to follow-up my feedback and kept in touch. Such good service, it was definitely worth the price and I will definitely want to be back!

Anyway, the 3d2n has been so awesome, so relaxing and just so chill! We went massage, pedicure, shisha, had so much good food, had so much fun in the sun.

Too zen 😌

Did I mention that that have A&W in their mall too?! WOOOOHOOO they had super awesome burger, fries and root beer float!!!

On the night before my birthday ended, I had a really great surpise!! I GOT ACCEPTED INTO UNISIM πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ God really have his ways sometimes and I’m thankful for it.

Time pass really fast when you’re having fun. Just like that, 3d2n is over and now I’m back to reality… NOOOOO 😫 bring me back to Montigo already!!!

I’ll end here for now, and update more frequently when my new Macbook comes (hopefully) heehee.

Till then!