It has been so long since I updated this page.

A year. How much a year can change, so much.

2015; I graduated from poly, went to Hong kong with my family, went to Taiwan for my grad trip, got my first full-time job, went for Wildcards 6th championship, single again. 2015 has indeed been a crazy year of ups and downs. And I enjoyed this roller coaster ride, every part of it.

It has been 3 years since my family had an overseas trip, and although it was a disastrous trip with an emotional-wreck grandma, I still loved every part of it. I love my family, I truly do. As I become older, I really value this more and more. Although we may quarrel, we may fight, we may hate each other, there’s no one, NO ONE, that will always be there for me like my family will. And I thank God for my family. Full of flaws, imperfect, but the best for me.

Wildcards’ 6th championship and Taiwan. It was probably the biggest achievement in my sport history. I am never good at sports, nonetheless cheer, but I have also never fought for something so hard before in my life. Injuries were terrible, mentally so tired, physically broken, but it was worth it. Every moment of it. I cannot describe my love-hate relationship with cheer, sometimes I am so sick of it, but it’s something that keep pulling me back. Wildcards is like my safe-haven (sometimes). The day I got my first gold medal ever, I really cried. Cried so hard. This bitter-sweet victory, I finally tasted it. All the blood, sweat and tears throughout the whole season was so worth it. I would say Cheerleading made me a better person;  stronger, more resilient (physically and mentally) teamplayer. I remember what Chaang say “If you can go through a season with cards, there is nothing else you cannot overcome”.  And Taiwan was with Jasmine, Hannbin, Zhiliang, Abi, Winston and Carmen after competition. It’s my first overseas trip with friends! Definitely memorable.

Single, I think that is self-explanatory but I’ll still say it anyway. Yes, I broke up with Nigel. I think it isn’t entirely a bad thing. I’m not sure it went both ways, but I think he helped me grow. This relationship, like any relationship, was lovely. There were good and bad moments. And it was definitely my fault that things had to end. You cannot change someone.  THIS. This is my major take-away in this rs. I was too caught up in what I wanted N to be, what I thought he could be, what I thought he should be. Too caught up in my idea of love that I forgot to appreciate what I had infront of me. YET, at the same time, I do learn that I do deserve someone who will love me back as I him. Although it broke me, it stabbed me hard in my heart that things had to end, I can now focus on myself to become a better person, to learn to love myself first before I can love another. I forgot how to enjoy alone-time, how I still need time on my own to think, to read, to work on myself.

Dartslive has officially carved a its name in my resume, my first official full-time job! When I couldn’t get into unisim last year, I decided that I had to try if I really wanted to study marketing, and hence got myself a marketing role. Since then till now, I’m with Dartslive and it has brought me far. It broaden my horizon and opened my eyes. I think everywhere you go, you do learn something new. And I am glad I did. Reading my past post, God did answer my prayers. God opened new doors for me and guided me. Now, it is time to apply for unisim again. I am nervous. I really hope to get a place there. Wherever I may go, I think it’s time for me to really concentrate and study well. It’s time for me to grow up, and stop fooling around.

This was how I spent 2015.

And now, time to fight for Wildcards’ 7th championship, for a place in unisim. I’m a work-in-progress, and I’m working on it.

I look forward to 2016.

Thank you God for being so merciful, so loving. Thank You for always being there for me, guiding me, hearing my prayers.

Till then. (Hopefully not too long later, hehe)