Second day of my third year in SP, it’s when I turned 19. 

As you grow up, birthdays become more mundane and it’s just isn’t as interesting anymore. As for me, it felt like an ordinary day but with extraordinary people in it. First was family dinner, then my favourite boy being the first to cover every aspect on wishing me happy birthday(except real life :p), then my besties being the sweethearts they always are. Nigel also baked me a cake and made me a unicorn card, I love it when guys go the extra mile. It’s so sweet ❤ Really really appreciate his gesture. We also had dinner at KBBQ. Beaunice and Lina treated me to BaliThai 🙂 Puny drew me a really nice picture!



A selfie with the goat during our visit to the zoo!



Credit to view/puny^^

All these people that never fail to make my stay on earth a more enjoyable and happier one. I feel so loved.