2014-03-29 20.33.42 About one month ago, our journey began. Amongst all uncertainty and unpreparedness, we grabbed hold of an opportunity and decided to join partner stunts. No, it was not easy. Not a single bit. To decide to join, we had to musk up our courage. First pair of people from poly teams to join partner stunt, that’s us. My decision did wavered because of my lack of experience compared to all our competitors. It was overwhelming, how can someone like me take up the stage? I was not prepared for it.

Trainings were tough because of my work schedule and your team trainings as well. At the end of the day, we were literally so tired, so angsty. How many times were we mad at each other becuz of our own lethargic? countless. And personally, there were so many times I just wanted to quit. I couldn’t hit my stunts, I was so tired of travelling, and perhaps my mental mind got so weak. Well, because quitting is the easiest way out isn’t it.

Finally came the day we trained so hard for, 29 March 2014. We were third in line, nervous as hell as we didn’t hit any ASU for our warm-ups. But then that was it, the spot light shining on us, the music Hakim mixed perfectly blasted in the area, it was our turn on the mats. I couldn’t describe how I felt when the routine ended, we hit our ASU. Not our perfect routine, but still an ASU we worked for.

2014-03-29 13.58.46

Babe, thank you and a countless more thank you for EVERYTHING. Everything ever since I didn’t get into my own competition team. You knew how much I still wanted to cheer and perform even though I said otherwise, you knew I was so upset, and I know everything you have done, was all for me. Maybe it was also your dream to join partner stunts since the start, but thank you for choosing me to be your flyer, though there were many more better choices out there. Thank you again for pushing me to join the competition with you. I know it hasn’t been easy on you, to cope with our routine and your own team’s. I am so proud that you stayed strong throughout, physically and mentally. Thank you for forgiving me for the times I screwed up, but still encourage me to carry on. Thank you for pulling back on track when I get off, for keeping your cool, for being a pillar of strength in case I needed to someone to lean on.

In my eyes, you are best captain for your team. Believe me, from an outsider’s point of view. I see it every time where you helped your flyers and bases when they are in need, your willingness that pushed the team forward as a whole, your strength that helped everyone in blazers to carry on. I know it was not easy, in fact it has been so tough on you, and I am so so so proud of you. Watching you shine on stage was so amazing, I always love the determined part of you when you cheer, which is why I liked you in the first place, right? :p

I was so happy, delighted, elated, (and every other happy words) when I heard Blazers being called out for 3rd place. A medal and glory for all your hard work, you and your team deserve nothing less. Blazers isn’t my own team, but I have seen you all grow so much throughout with my own eyes, I watch afar, but proud as hell. Your cheer journey has ended in Blazers, but you created a legacy from what’s left off. That’s why, I can never say enough, how proud I am to be able to be here for you, my best captain.

Always have faith babe,  believe that there is nothing we cannot overcome together if we fight so hard, and it is proven. I love you chubieee.

2014-03-29 23.19.09

You are my hero ❤