14 February 2014

ImageValentine’s day +4th Month

So it started out pretty shitty, my day. I was late for presentation, clothes worn wrongly, bad remarks from other.But then things just got better when we met after school. You came to pick me up like the sweetheart you always are. My day became bright again. We then headed to Table Manners for dinner, our fav place to dine! My plate was filled with all of my favourite food; salmon, mashed potatoes and mushrooms. Opposite sat my most favourite person in the world. I know you saved for the whole week just to bring me out that day. 

Soon I forgot it was Valentine’s. I forgot we were even celebrating anything to start out with. Because every time we are together, it feels exactly the same. So much happiness. Simple, yet a great date.

Thank you for you, I love you, chubz.