I seriously cannot believe how my 6 weeks of hols just ended and my MSTs are already coming next week. Say whudddd, how fast time flies especially like the busiest moments like projects deadlines x MST so near together. Other than school, rest of my time is dedicated to wo de Nigel. DIYs with him are the best, I need not worry about not getting to stunt and always get to try new stunts too! 😀 /random awkward smile

I do miss cheer and trainings. sighs. that explains my picture above maybe? I don’t even get to be stagnant now. I find myself deproving and deproving… it’s like I keep questioning myself on staying. What for… I’m always finding myself so out of it. Not even a friend to stay on for. Actually I never felt like I belong to with my batch people either. I really miss this march’s SNCC :C 

Just a short update, back to study.