Gonna do things a little differently today, I shall let pictures tell you about my holiday instead of a wordy post! But before that, let me start off with a quote;

Home is wherever I’m with you.

Best quote to sum up my entire September holiday.

2013-09-16 23.40.07

This was when we were on the way to Airport with my dear onion.  It wasn’t a very pleasant, but indeed an unforgettable experience. Doing stupid things with a dear friend, my night is complete!

Camera 360

My very dear piupiu. I cannot tell you how much I love this lady. It’s like she’s been there throughout my teenage life and I cannot be more thankful for her. One person I truly miss on daily basis is definitely her. And it sucks because I really miss having lunch break with her, but I barely get to see her any more.

2013-09-25 13.18.20

Back to wearing colour contacts. And my big big eye bags from the enormous amount of sleep debts I owe for all the late night movies, phone calls, or just staying awake at unearthly timing because it’s holiday.

2013-09-25 15.05.24

My favourite gang of food kakis. We’re always up for good food and fun. This time was Kiseki! However, Kiseki to me was a disappointment. Like it wasn’t that good like what I’ve heard and all, not worth it to me. We’ve also been to MedZ and I tell you, that place is my new love. I cannot get over how FRIGGIN good the food they offer are.

2013-09-25 19.34.10

I have no idea what’s the rainbow balls are called but they’re my little bit of heaven.

2013-09-27 20.26.50

2013-09-28 23.00.06

Training camp(28,29,30 sept);

First trng camp I’ve attended as a senior, and it was both mentally and physically tiring I must admit. It really brings back memories of my very own trng camp as a freshie. All the PTs made 3 days seems so endless. All the tears, sweat and blood that brings our team a whole Gusto. And indeed I’ve learnt so much through it. I hope we imparted what we’ve learnt to the juniors, because after all we did come a long way together. It was pretty fun though, we get to like play around :p

2013-10-01 21.09.57

Mini getaway;

Ok honestly it has no link to the picture. But every holiday comes with a mini getaway! It wasn’t really a pity that I didn’t get to travel, cuz it has been a great holiday after all! But I still had my mini getaway so it isn’t that bad actually. Shisha, stayover, domino’s pizza, late night movies and dessert wine and so much happiness. What’s more the best company. Nothing even better to ask for ❤

So I have a life after all! Although most of it revolves around cheer. The rest of the days are shopping dates or chilling around or lazing at home BECUZ I CAN. And I really just want to take a minute to just thank god for what he has given me and not ask for more. A home where i can feel like I belong, friends and joy;  there’s no where else i rather be.