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Hello wordpress!

Holidays haven’t been that bad after all! Training just resumed and I’ll most probably be back to my busy cheer routine. 2 DIYs and 1 training already got me aching so bad, must be not moving my lazy ass for 3 weeks heehee. Actually, it feels like competition session again, I remember how my back ache and muscle aches and bruises that lasted for a whole good month.

Any ways, I’ve been getting stronger daily. There’s nothing left for me to hold on to. I guess I came to my sense to stop trying too. I really thank god that despite not having a really big group of friends, there are a few that really cares and are here for me. Like the saying goes, some people come in to your life as a blessing, but some comes as a lesson.  He indeed came as both. And despite some things, I am really grateful to him for everything he has done for me. But it’s also time I stop holding on to what’s left, which are only memories, and move on with my life like what he have already done.

 It’s okay to fall, it’s okay to break down, but it’s really important to get back up

I needed a little change in my life as well, so I had a haircut, dyed my hair red, and I felt really fresh! I really want to travel though. A short getaway would be really great. Since it’s not possible this hols, I’ve just been eating a lot of good food and desserts as my therapy. Haven’t done shopping yet though. Actually I could just live in the comfort of  great company!

Anyways, presenting my new hair.

2013-08-19 14.37.30

With a little tinge of surprise underneath…

2013-08-19 14.37.17

Till then.