Sometimes I ask myself, if this is worth fighting. But if this is what I want, and not what you want: this relationship, then there’s no point trying for.

I can give you my time, my heart, my world. I can give you all that I have, but if what I can offer is just not enough, then I’m sorry, because there’s no more you can take.

What I ask for isn’t diamonds or gold. So what if we’re still young and broke, I just need you to offer a little faith and time and love in return. Not broken promises, not excuses, not blames.

I know you’re not perfect, nor am I near great. But if you’d take my hands and we can face the world together, there’s nothing we cannot overcome. If you love someone,it doesn’t have to be flowers or chocolates. If you love someone, there shouldn’t be any excuses, no matter how busy, there’s always a little love to give.

If you love someone, you shouldn’t even try changing him, because if he loves you, there’s nothing he can’t do to keep you. I can love you unconditionally, I just don’t need any more lies. I don’t need any more questions or doubts, I had enough. This shouldn’t be about what’s wrong, but how we fight for each other to make us strong.

I can give you time to think, but truth is I’ll miss you too. If you can’t take my love, if you want to be free, then go.  I’m no pushover, I’m not gonna be taken for granted. And honestly, I’ve tried hard enough to make you stay.  If you’re not trying, I’m going. That’s all I’m gonna say.