Tomorrow is yet year2 term2 yet I’m looking like THAT. Well, that’s because, WHO WANTS SCHOOL TO START?! How much I’ve treasured and miss holidays already. My holidays are just perfect; time with family, richie, dear friends and time for cheer training. Time to just have fun, spend nights outside, do stupid things. How I wish holidays goes on forever. No need to worry about project submissions or tests or exams.

Met up with BFF recently. HAHA, when we’re together, somehow we don’t take a lot of photos like normal BFFs do. Cuz we are out of the moon!  Anyways it was just some catching up, chatting and stuff like that. I really missed this girl, i miss having school with her because she’s such a joy to be with. It makes my school days less lonely, sighs.

So today, richie and I had a great early 11th month lunch. We cooked 3 chicken thighs, some pork and a pack of beef cubes and lunch is served. PROTEIN OVERLOADED. But really, yum yum! Time with this boy is always so amazing, even if it’s just laying around or watching a movie. Really an awesome way to spend the last day of holidays!

Featuring 2 of my favourite people:





till then!