It felt like exams just ended yesterday and the everyday-cheer-practices just began. Every day, I wake up, I go cheer, I go home and then sleep. During these days, one month seems like a damn long time and never-ending. Ran the routine so many times, got so sick of the music, got tired and restless.

However, it was really just  yesterday that everything ended.

One month suddenly seems so short. As I lie on the bed the night before, my mind can’t help but run the routine in my head and it was a really difficult time to sleep. Shortly after, morning came. We boarded the bus and headed to the place. Each ticking moment made me felt more nervous, butterflies in our stomach growing. “I say Gusto, you say champions. Gusto, CHAMPIONS”, as we finally cheered off and I found myself and my team mates on the mats. Crowds were surrounding us, fans and friends were cheering their hearts out for us and judges were watching us.

DING ding ding, let’s go! Don’t you worry don’t you worry child, see heaven’s got a plan for you…

The next thing I knew, it was all over, we were at the back of the mats. 2 mins 30 seconds ended like this. We were crying our hearts out because it was the best everyone could give. Every inch of effort for that one month was left on the mats. No regrets. That was, by far, the best feeling in the world. Really! Knowing that you did all you could, and being able to hit all your stunts. All I could feel was victory. I felt like we already won, despite not knowing the results. I felt so proud of team, I was just so happy, and we were just crying and crying and hugging each other.

As you read, you might have thought that we won. Truth is not always nice though. In fact, we got second. For that moment, I did cry again. Though partly it’s because the feeling of losing is never nice, but absolutely not because I regretted any part of it. It was more like because we didn’t attain the championship for the year3s. This was their last competition and they are now Gusto’s alumni. Though it was a pity we couldn’t get 1st, but I really enjoyed competing with them! It’s an honour and a really good opportunity for me and my fellow year ones. They taught us so much and were so patient with us. To me, winning isn’t everything. This sounds cliché, i know, but I really feel the journey to competition is. And throughout the journey, I really enjoyed, learnt new things and grew mentally and physically. I really want to thank all the seniors for helping and encouraging me so much.

The season is over, and in 2 weeks’ time, we are becoming seniors. After this competition, I’m sure all those that competed will strive harder, will have more motivation to win, because the route to becoming a champion team don’t come easy. However, we are definitely not giving up without a fight!

To me, Gusto will always be a champion team.



“before you start a war, better know what you’re fighting for..”


(first 3-3-6 in Singapore!!!!)


Pictures credited to on facebook