It’s been awhile and I’ve been real busy lately.

Firstly, Happy Chinese New Year! Though the mood for CNY wasn’t that high this year, but still it’s not bad 🙂 Got a decent amount of hong baos, got awesome cny food and snacks, got family with me. Alsoooo….. I went visiting with my sunflower heh heh heh! So it’s quite a good experience this year, well for me. Shopping was last minute and rushed, I didn’t had a lot of things to buy too.

Though cheer has came to a hiatus for exam break, things haven’t been easy on me 😦 Before the exam break was tons of project submission with so little time. Then come presentations, and past year papers. Now is study and study and more studying. What’s worse was that cny was right smack in our study break. WHY? I didn’t have the mood to study at all!

So anyways, now it’s 12:37 am, 14 Feb, so Happy Valentine’s day too! Though every year I have special people with me by my side(aka family), this year is double the special! BUT STILLLL, need to study yo.

HAHA, ironically, I spent my free time in CNY camwhoring, so enjoy.



(wanted to wear this for day 2, but …)




IMG_9002 (2)


(OOTD for day 1, the dress looks so much better in RL though)



(… I wore this for day 2 instead!)

cats (2)(Me and richie’s ootd for day 3! CHUCKS.)

Hokay, time to sleep now. Goodnight.