Hi, random post to keep my wordpress updated.

So anyways, been having really little sleep lately. Lethargy piling up, so is projects. Time management is never my forte. And I think I need better motivation to stop procrastinating. How I wish I’m in Diploma in Cheer-leading and business administration is my CCA. Haha, yeah i wish. Cheer practice is getting tougher, it means we’ll have to get even stronger. Not only physically, but mentally too. Push and improve. No other way out. Finally accomplished 40kg squats(using the more controlled bar, cheat only haha) and my next target is to do 54kg squats which is like 1.5 of my weight.

Meanwhile, enjoying life with my mates….

 My BFF:)

Wang wang, currently obsessed with it.


oooh look, these are my sweethearts 😉

 And here’s to the awesome classmate Rachel!
Saving the best for the last, my annoying sunflower whom makes me smile everyday.

Till then.