To tell you the truth, I haven’t felt like that before since last year. I guess what’s meant to be, will be. right?  I’ve learnt to accept rather than to complain. There’s some things that is not worth the sacrifise, especially if the sacrifise is close to you. I can never afford to lose something so important to me in exchange for something less. That’s stupid. I’m really glad I figured out my thinking, and through it, I came to learn about acceptance. And of course, the people by my side that’s always encouraging me, letting me learn so much I don’t even know about myself. 

I know how i’m being so occupied with things, I’m starting to drift from my family. I’m really glad because dad told me I still have their support(even though he threatened for me to quit cheer if my results starts to deteriorate). My time management is really horrible. How much I missed mom’s cooking too 😦 I really should start spending more time with them. And speaking of results, my MST results wasn’t that bad after all. But i think i’m starting to get a little complacent and start procrastinating again. I MUST STOP. This whole term is full of projects, how dreadful. PULL THROUGH PULL THROUGH. 

First unofficial Gusto outing to Marina Barrage. We stunted there! Y’know, honestly, one of the best thing that ever happen to me is cheer. Because of cheer, I’ve overcome my fear of heights, I’ve exercise to keep myself in shape, I’ve learn to trust people (my bases), I’ve learn that when things are going down motivation brings us back up and I’ve fly because sky is not the limit. It’s not like everyone is capable of what a cheerleader can do. I also came to know about so many awesome people. I tasted accomplishment at it’s finest, I’ve tasted determination at it’s best. Of course, there are times we feel like giving up because of falling. This is just the beginning, and I will definitely not let the obstacles ahead bring me down, because I will not ever give up on my passion so easily. 

ImageImagemy dear friends!

ImageCupie with Katherine!  
ImageToss hands! ImageMy first successful liberty. Suddenly liberty ain’t a statue in new york! 
ImageGusto peeps!

Till then.