Insecurities are killing me.

It’s always when you realised you’re in the sideline, you realises all your flaws.. How someone is better than you, how you’re always not good enough. They say it takes the right person to see through ’em, but you know it when there’s just someone catches all the attention from others. What sucks most is that the person is close to you. How should you feel then? Truth is, I really can’t help but to feel envious sometimes. And there’s nothing I can do about it. All I can do is to pretend that I doesn’t matter to me at all, but what good does it do? 

It’s really times like this I feel so dishearten, I feel so bad about myself. But who can I talk to? Becuz, face it, nobody will actually try to walk in your footsteps to understand your pain. I try to be optimistic, I tell myself tomorrow will be a better day. Sometimes, I feel like that’s self-denial. And really, a hug and the words ‘you’ll be alright’ is the best way to comfort someone 🙂 I really have to stop this self-pity and pull myself together! Grandfather’s gonna be alright! I’m gonna be fine too. 

You know what? Tomorrow will be a better day.