Life is unfair.

Poly have since started and my life since then have never stop being hectic. There’s tutorials and test and projects to worry about, and then there’s my passion, cheer and skates. Whoever say poly life is slack, can go and bang the wall now. If you want good grades and good record, ‘slack’ can never be in your dictionary.

Just as I found something I really enjoy doing, there’s school to worry about. That’s why I say, life is not fair. So I have been to skates camp and cheer camp. And I fell in love with both sports. Gusto brings me confidence, whereas skates bring me back to where i last stopped. Training for Gusto may be tough, but after everything, after learning a new stunt, the satisfaction you get pays off all your hard work. I haven’t been on my blades for quite a few years now, and I missed that feeling. Ya see, both are my passions, and I don’t want to give up on both.

“When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer”

24 hours is really not enough. If I spend time on things I like, my priority gets neglected. My priority, studies. I really admire those who does well in both their passion and studies, because really, my time management suck. Not only that, mom and dad have been complaining about how I haven’t been spending enough time at home, and I feel really bad. What’s more, I haven’t been meeting up with my good friends for a really long time, I think they’re quite disappointed at me for not spending enough time with time too. I think I’m darn useless.

I’m getting really angsty these days due to the lack of sleep. Just look at my eye bags, they are like shouting at me in the pictures. MST is coming, and I must study hard. mug mug mug!

Suddenly I feel so uncertain. So uncertain at my decisions made. Sometimes i really don’t think before I act, and i keep inviting trouble for myself. I really don’t know what to do.