There’s the kind of people that look impossibly, effortlessly good looking… And i cannot understand just how they can appeal so much to my eyes! I mean seriously, I like looking at these kinda of people, what’s not to love about their appearance?! But sometimes I wonder if they know they look THAT good. Seriously, don’t get me started about this! I can like rant the same thing over and over again.

So second week of school has gone by. This week’s been a really fast week and lessons are so…. not understandable. Sometimes I like to think that I have all the time in the world, but reality always kick my sorry ass for thinking that way, ouch! 😦 It’s like school just officially started and then we’re getting reminded of our mid-semester test and projects and all already. All the modules are like alien to me which suck. Despite all the annoying school stuff, I’m having a great time with my classmates! They are indeed a fun bunch. Seems like the rest of my friends are having fun too in their new school, good to hear!

till then!