Today, I finally bought a new laptop for school! hehe, mad happy. It’s this Samsung 14″ that’s only 1.6kg, light and sleek yet really attractive. Love my new baby! Well, weight for me is really a big issue as it’s not a joking matter to carry laptops to and fro. So I think this is a really good deal. Have been waiting for a new laptop all my life as my previous one is really old, though the screen is like 16″.. oh well. And they tell me the webcam’s HD but I think I got cheated. Futhermore, i was really anticipating to get a red computer, but i guess my plan failed T-T But overall, i am lovin’ my new baby so far, SO, suck on that!

Here’s a picture from the webcam

i know right, so “clear”… But whatever. byebye