Hello yellow!

I have been working/finding for event jobs recently. So I just finished my job at NATAS fair for EU hols… Working there really make me feel so sentimental and everything because I was reminded so much of my own trip experience. Anyways, Ken hired me and he’s sooo nice as a boss as well! Working with people you know is really a joy, I must say I had fun during the past 2 days, I get to talk to Ronald when i’m bored, hehe.¬† I really want to travel all over Europe in the future.

Haven’t been doing anything productive recently.. And poly enrollment is so annoying argh! Oh, but I finally get to meet up with Shawn for dinner after sooo long! Miss that girl so much! Other then that, I’ve been shopping and reading.. Just like that. Enjoying life to the fullest without and worries or troubles!

ok, till then!