Missed me!? Sorry for neglecting you for so long my dear diary, have been really busy this few days with work and outings and open houses from polytechnics.

First thing first, results…. My o’s results was beyond horrendous. My aim for my l1r4 was 10 but i got 13. Really, i was kind of sad. But o’s is just a stepping stone. There’ll be times where you slip and fall, but you still have to get back up and move on with life right?

So anyways i got a new job. Actually it’s more of just for experience and to kill time. But the pay really make me feel like im wasting my time and life away. Working alone sucks, i hate eating meals alone!! Oh wellz.

Ahhh im so tired now. I’ll post about the rest of my trip when i have more time. Sighhssss, goodbye.