Yesterday was a great day. My clique had a mini gathering at my house! We had steamboat with a lot of chicken, yum yum yum! I love spending time with these awesome girls becuz with them there’s so much fun and laughter. But they say, good times are short, which is true becuz 4 years of secondary school life just past like that. I hope we don’t drift cuz the strong bonds we built doesn’t take a day or two, we went through all the good and bad times together and we still stand strong today!

anyways, there’s this very common pick up line:

boy: “Did it hurt?”
girl: “huh,what?”
boy “Becuz with a face like yours, i think you fell from heaven!”

hahaha i think it’s humorous 😛

and and, i recently start penning down on a diary again… it’s like my LIFE STORY. Like you know, the untold story of a teenage girl for my grandchild or something when i get dementia in the future *touchwood* but ya, that’s some sort of the purpose la… heh, sometimes i admire my creativity. Kidding!!

gotta go now, byeee