A continuation about my travel’s diary, Switzerland….


We went to Jungfrau(pronounced as yong-frau) or what they call the top of europe, for our first stop today. To get there, we had to take a train to the middle top of the mountain. I was certainly amazed… it was my first time seeing snow, how they look like foam, how they glistered in the sun, how they looked so welcoming! We had fun in the sun; snowball fights, snow angels, attempt to build a snowman, shoving each other in the snow, and even just to lie there which really felt like heaven! All these could not be done if there wasn’t shawn and matthew along with my brother! They made today a day i’ll never forget, this must be one of the best thing in life! Had our lunch there which was where we got to try Rosti, a dish that i love!!! Though, i prefer the Rosti at Marche at the St bernard’s tunnel.  Later on, we proceeded to another mountain for sledging. Well, we could only do 2km due to the lack of snow. The kids(me,matt,shawn,don) sledged down together and tracked up again with our sledge becuz it was definitely not enough!! The walk up was super tiring but when we sledge down again, it was soooo worth it! What’s even better was that matt pulled the sledge up for me, so nice of him ^-^ Today must be the best trip of our entire tour. How i wish this day didn’t end….


Time passes really fast when we’re having fun. So today was our last day here in Switzerland and we were in Luzern and we had 4hours of free time. We fed swans and seagulls with bread that Ken brought for us! We also visited this statue of a sad lion that the France gave to Swiss. Digressing, it was raining today and M held and umbrella for me hee. I also got a Swiss army knife with my name engraved on it! Today, i felt so sentimental because i couldn’t bear to leave Switzerland. I really love the life here rather then the hectic modern life style we live in! Besides, this country is so gorgeous and people here are more friendly too… I felt more alive then ever. Someday, I’ll be back in Swiss…. someday.

Anyways, the new friends i’ve made, Shawn Matt Jolene and Shanice, I loveee them so much. We also went to Bern in Swiss on one of the two days, Bern is popular for their bear! Heehee, so adorable! And we had a Gala dinner which we got to try cheese fondue(7 cheese mixed together) and meat fondue. The cheese fondue is really smelly but it taste really good, and i totally love the meat fondue!!

So much for now, till then 😉