Hello dear wordpress, is it human nature to feel so empty sometimes? I guess i just want someone, anyone,  to be by me; to hear me, to laugh with me, to annoy me.. i guess i just don’t wanna feel left out.

Good times always end in a blink of an eye… The most satisfying thing for 2011 would be the last year of high school, the good friends i’ve made over these 4 years, my first work experience and the best month in the entire year – december.  It all ends, my holiday affair. What i have learnt in 2011 would be facing up my own feelings and not avoiding them. I learnt to be a more charitable person, to have an open heart. I learnt about friendship. I learnt about being loved as well as loving someone. I experienced heart break, I learnt that sometimes letting go is really the best option. I got to know about determination, and how persevering all the hardship is essential to chase one’s dream.

welcome to 2012. A final goodbye to 2011; along with it is the past, the sorrows, the unhappiness, the memories, time, youth, hatred. New Year’s is about getting another chance. A chance to forgive, to do better, to give more, to love more. It’s all about growing up, getting more matured, living life.

Mind me, a little update on my life…..

During new year’s eve, we had this mini gathering with people from our tour group! I got to see my friends again, and matt, but no shawn.. Miss her so much! The gathering was fantastic, really fun group of people. We also played some photos taken from Europe, which makes us all totally miss that place like mad. At night, we count down with jojo and gugu’s family! What a fulfilling day…

2nd of Jan, we celebrated Chloe jie jie’s 21st birthday at TCC. It was a tea party, really cool! The place is nice and cosy, and tcc have really good finger snacks. I love how everyone was so hyped up for the 3hour event! So anyways, Happy Birthday my dear cousin!


Went to Haji lane today with Minjun and Lina. It’s been a long time since i stepped there. Did i mention i love that place so much? it’s another side of Singapore… The graffiti on the walls, old shop houses, sights of shisha… What an awesome place to spend a day there! Afterwards, we went to Katong for KTV session with Beaunice! I love my girls, their so fun loving. At the end of the day, I felt especially broke, but it was fantastic! I haven’t been going wild for quite awhile now.

Okay, bye.