Merry Christmas!

I guess the biggest wish i can ever get from Santa is probably a miracle. Something… surprising? well, in a good way of course. I realised as years go by, we’ll have lesser and lesser present.  I don’t feel like a child anymore without presents! Christmas is about giving after all, right? Ok, my bad too, didn’t get presents this year. But i did get souvenirs from europe! So anyways, eve was a boring one this year… everyone’s either busy working/celebrating with family/overseas. Poor me thought that the world decides to outcast me that night. Christmas day was a good one though. Went over to cousin’s place for steamboat dinner and a mini gathering! I love gathering with my big family becuz we never fail to go crazy. I like going crazy, i like being the real me that i hardly gets to be.

That girl all the way to the right is Leia. ain’t she soooo adorable?

And my bff!

I went shopping with Gin today and got a few buys for New year. Stocking up my wardrobe is like forever my best hobby. A really expensive one. The feeling of my own savings getting lesser and lesser definitely sucks. I have to find a job soon, i cannot carry on being so broke!!!!

Off for now, ciao.