Season greetings! I wrote my travel diary diligently and now i’m reciting it for memory purpose. It’s made as a good bed time story too, haha! I’m gonna post photos, but srsly if you ask me now, i can’t remember where are they taken. Just know they are from Italy, the end.

Anyways, a little update on my life. I took a really long time to get over this drama. B asked me this “do you feel happier without this?” And my answer is a definite yes. I’m not heartless, but at least i know how to genuinely feel happy again. You know this feeling? I guess letting go is really the ultimate solution to some matters! Time too, time tells the hard truth. At least for once, I appreciate the truth that wasn’t told to me.

Before I start about my trip, Christmas is coming! *squeals happily* Did i mention it’s the season i love most? Ok so now you know. I love it when the street is all glittery and shiny and lit with bright lights! All the decorations making me feel the heat about it! I can’t help but just adore the Christmas-y feel. Last year, i made my list of 12 things i want for christmas, and let’s see how much i fulfilled:

  1. food,food and more food. You know, 能吃就是福! [checked, i ate a lot this year]
  2. And of course, I wanna eat but i don’t wanna get fatttttt! [checked, i barely gained any weight]
  3. How about growing taller instead? [Sadly, no… or maybe a little?]
  4. Motivation to do homework and study [Well, i prepared for my o’s…]
  5. Do well in my o’s. [Not sure yet]
  6. Snowglobes, a whole museum of ‘em! [heh, no, i just got one from europe]
  7. Shoes, bags, clothes! A whole boutique of them would be wonderful, hahahaha!                    [how can this even come true?]
  8. Nice hair, like no bad hair day, everyday? [rubbish]
  9. get to have more time with my friends and family. [yes and no]
  10. Get to travel to Europe and USA and Japan~ [Tick to Europe]
  11. world(and family) peace [not really, world isn’t that peaceful yet]
  12. Singapore’s weather not to be so humid for the whole freaking next year pleaseeeee?!          [uhm, i swear i could melt during the hot season..]

So I guess i was pretty good last year. And I did a great job being a good girl this year too! I’m gonna make new wishes again, and i really hope santa gonna grant it!

  1. I want to be amazed by something/someone
  2. I want to be happy everyday and live life the fullest
  3. My new travel list would be: Denmark, still USA, and still Japan.
  4. I want to go to HK with matt and shawn!
  5. I don’t ever want to lose contact with my friend
  6. I hope I can go in to a course I like
  7. I want to try new things
  8. I don’t want the world to end in 2012 lol.
  9. I want to learn to love better.
  10. I want to learn to appreciate life as it is
  11. I still want to be taller *pout*
  12. I want peace in the world and my family

I know, it sounds like a new year resolution as well… so it’s gonna be two in one. heehee! Ok enough about me, here’s bout my trip to Italy:


We reached Rome at 9am. I felt we kind of travelled back in time due to the major time difference in Italy and in Sg, Weather at Rome was at 18 degrees, it spells p-e-r-f-e-c-t! Sky turned dark at 4.30pm and the weather soon got colder. Days sure are shorter during wiinter. I wasn’t used to the short day, and naturally thought it was dinner when it was still a long way to go, haha. We had a city tour in rome, then to Vatican city where we visited the very famous St. Peter church. As i stepped in, boy i was totally amazed. Never have I seen such a beautiful place in my life, well other then teevee of course… for a moment, i thought i was dreaming *pinch pinch*~ So we had dinner at this chinese restaurant that served very horrible chinese food. We checked in to our hotel at around 8pm, everyone was tired and jetlagging. But for me, so far so good 😉


My second day in Italy. Such an awesome country with very pretty places, old streets, handsome italian guys, mouth-watering italian food and the list goes on… We departed from Rome and headed to Tuscany also known as an old medieval town. This place have buildings of superb architecture, really. We visited some cathedral. Cool thing is, olden cathedrals consist of 3 buildings: the church, the bell tower and the baptism tower. I tried strawberry wine too, and only matthew agreed with me that it tasted good. I was beginning to think that we kind of have similar tastebuds haha. The place also have nice truffles that is used to cook with pasta, yum yum! Next stop was the leaning tower of Pisa. can you imagine, 8 storeys alone took 117 years to complete!


Today we were at Fluorence. It’s one of the many city i like best in Italy! We went to this museum(outside) that have statues of Hercules, st. peter, medusa head, Neptune etc. Our bus drove us to the top of the mountain for a bird’s eye view of Flourence, god i thought i was in heaven for a moment. We also went to this piggy market here, it sells all the local products made of genuine leather and i got a red bag becuz the red is so freaking hot! This place totally looks like a paradise! Next was Barberino, it’s an outlet stall with 110 brands. Had only 2 and the half hour of shopping time which is too short for majority of us. Nevertheless, we still had some satisfying buys. The Prada and Furla there is a must-grab. We finally had an italian dinner! Today, he caught my eye too. heehee.


For the past few days our bus driver was George. He’s this handsome and charming(but balding) man from Check Republic. Very funny and nice guy, and if you ever notice, italians don’t really like asians.. George likes to drive in circles and it amazes him, haha! Ok, was side tracking… So we took a water taxi into Venice today. I though Venice was a spectacular place, especially when the whole city is surrounded by water. You can see people rowing the Vongola in a small lane, very romantic! Transportation there works the same way, except eveything is in water-form like water taxi, water bus. I’m really proud of myself becuz i get to visit Venice before it sinks! Next place we visited was Verona, also where Juliet’s balcony was located. Then there was this statue of Juliet where it is believed that touching her right breast brings luck in love heehee. This place is also where they filmed ‘Letters to Juliet’ and i totally can’t believe i visited it, so cool!


The last night, we stayed at the best hotel of our entire trip! Was really great. We toured to Milan. well, milan is the city of fashion! Sadly, we didn’t even get to shop due to the time constrain. Here, we visited this super cool cathedral built in Gothic style! It totally looks like a palace. The more amazing thing is that it’s still building, for like 700 over years. Then, we went to Turin. Turin is the first capital of italy when this country was formed. At turin, we visited this church for a clothe. It’s no other clothe, it was believed that this clothe covered Jesus! back at the hotel today, we gathered at Ken’s room(our tour manager) to play Mexican poker! It’s this super fun game where losers have to finish the glass of wine poured. Me, don, matt, shawn and our moms were a cool team where all of us are very good drinkers muahahaha! red wine? we love it!


this day was just pure travelling from italy to switzerland. Well, my words end here! I’ll post about Swiss and France the next time round. In the mean time, enjoy!

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Have a very merry christmas, ciao!