So………… I’ve so much to tell ma dear wordpress, but i’m so lazy. why can’t you upload pictures yourself? The week before i went on a 2weeks holiday, i met up with quite a number of people. Let’s see.. Gin, Joey, View, Amira, Shawn and Beaunice! A hell lots of thanks to view for helping me dog-sit my bitches for a day, if not they might have starved! I watched Breaking Dawn 1 with Beaunice and we’re left with BD2 before we complete the whole Twilight Saga.

On the 4th of December, I was at the airport. Yuxuan, Lina and Beaunice, god mom and dad sent us off as well. Thanks guys for contributing some time there! We officially flew off on the 5th at 2am i think? Anyways, this holiday was a dream come true. My Christmas wish from many many alien years ago, I finally had this opportunity to visit Europe! We went to Italy, Switzerland then to Paris. Our last stop was Dubai before we headed back to Singapore. I must say, once in your life time, it is a ‘must’ to visit Europe. it’s like one of the best trip I’ve ever been to. During this trip, i met awesome people and made wonderful friends (more specifically Shawn, Matthew, Jolene and Shanice) and our tour group was well-coordinated so much that we had the best time there! Like what our tour manager said, this was all really fate. And i really appreciate fate for this eye-opening chance.

Someone said that it’s just afew days before i get back to reality. Well, i must admit this all felt like a dream at first. But no, reality has never been so real! I really admire how these 2 weeks changed my life some way or another, it’s a place that i will definitely visit again becuz we had so much of good time there. Well, good things always come to an end too soon. 2 weeks was ultimately not enough for me! I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful scenarios, ol’ vintage buildings,  the weather and the time i spent with my friends. I miss them so much already!!

Before that, i guess i was hidden too much in the dark, now that i see the light, i miss the light…… i hope it doesn’t disappear :’) The light made me seen so many possibilities, so many obstacles that i can overcome, he shone on the different view on life. He shone on the path i can take. Thanks m, you freed me from the darkness, the self pity, self deceiving me. I stopped being scared of the many things i can try.

I’ll be posting about my trip a country at a time, but that’s when i feel like it. For now, ciao!