ME  ME AND ME!!!! *self obsessed*

Okay this is getting exciting (i think?) I’m gonna update my life from the most recent! And this post is gonna be sooooooooo long cause i’m gonna let pictures do the descriptions. And well, since today i’m home cuz i officially quitted my job (although it’s nothing glorious), here i am spending my rainy Monday infront of my old and faithful laptop which currently needs a hard disc badly because there’s not more space left in my computer sobz  T-T

kkk, ‘nuf said.

A night with the stars, prom

Me and Eugene!

Jackson, me, shawn! Nice bodyguards 😛

Me and Dom.

Marvin, gene, jingwei and meee. Great classmates from 4 respect ^-^

My dearest and prettiest clique! What’s my secondary school life without them? Can’t help but love them soooo much <3<3<3<3

(Kimberly, minjun, lina, beaunice, claris, me, gerlissa)

Me and kimmy!

Me and ‘ma dearest galz

My awesome dance girls! CCBL and lil’ J next year heh!

(Lynna, beaunice, me, chloe!)

Me and Eric!

And this is Nigel!

Gerlissa with yours truly.

Me and Jacqueline!

Me and Harriet! She’s probably considered sitting beside me this year. and she’s niceeeeee~

me and shawn, my best brotha!

And Brenda, we usually take the same train to school!!

Birdy amoeba amira my dear sissy, me and Geraldine. They’re lovely girls!

and after prom…..

we went outside to feel the Christmas atmosphere! Bright lights filled the trees~

And this is the hair for my night, all thanks to my joany joan!

And this is me and christophe!!!

In our room, Lina gave us a note each, this is mine ^-^

And for supper, we had mcdonald’s.

So next morning…

Woke up and only Beaunice is to be found. Everything last night seemed so surreal!

I washed up

And beaunice and i had a leg spa!



Joannoying’s belated sweet 15!

Okay so we had a belated celebration for our J! cuz her birthday unfortunately was in the middle of our O’s, and now that it’s over, we finally can have a reunion! CCBLJ ❤ ❤ ❤

So this is our first srprys for her. A cake!!


and this is joan’s tan-line becuz she always go and suntan tsk.



And our second srprys for her, a card:

And this is the last but the coolest….

C’mon guess what is it!!!!



Joan writing her wish

Lightning up the cupboard….

And it flew!!! our flying lantern~


in the toilet… er, ok…………………


Are your eyes tired from all the 46 pictures already??? If you aren’t my hands are! And this is finally the last one.


Last day of school!




This is the mighty diligence’09 girls!


And the best class ever, 2 diligence!



Mean and really tall guys….. but now i’m tallers suckazzz


Now what we’ve all graduated, we stepped further in life. They say secondary school is the time when you find true friends! hope our friendship never ends! I’m gonna miss you all soooo much *sniff sniff*

So anyways, this week will be solely meeting up my dear friends before i go overseas. It may take a really long time to my next post, but it’ll be really exciting!!! Keep on guessing and keep on tuning in. I love you so much wordpress! Hopefully things will just keep on getting better for y’all and for myself. Till then!