It’s finally holiday. I finally got back my freedom. Why do I sound so pathetic still? I guess it’s time i go for something new? Stop brooding over the past? I want to, why can’t I? What’s the barrier between us? at first I though it was time, and now I have it, I realised it isn’t. I guess we can’t face up to own feelings, can we? Or that I thought too highly of myself about where I stand? This feels so horrible, I could just walk away……. but everytime I turn away, I get pulled back. I don’t want to look back, I don’t want to go through the whole process time and time again, it’s just meaningless. What is it I have not done enough to deserve a place? Do I not try hard enough, or that no matter how hard I try, it just won’t work? If that’s it, then stop holding me back will ya? It’s killing me so silently.

I’m sorry I haven’t had a proper post. Instead of enjoying my holiday, I made myself busier with work. Found a telemarketing job, and it really sucks. Honestly, I won’t even go back to this industry! Well though, I’ve gained valuable experiences indeed:

1) I’ve learned that there’s really nice people, and there’s just people that are too busy that it will kill to take some time off. Look at the society…

2) inform your boss so clearly that he can’t fault you in anything. Otherwise, you’ll get blamed even if it’s not your fault, trust me it sucks.

3) never go for telemarketing jobs ever

I guess I’ll probably get fired soon becuz booking appointment for some savings account definitely is no easy money. Hell, people won’t even make time to hear you, what’s more see you to buy your products?

So prom is coming up, next Monday. I hope it’ll be a success, and thankfully mom ran so many trips with me to get all my stuff. Isn’t my mom juz awesome? I love her so much. Well maybe I don’t look pretty, or tall to look drop dead gorgeous, or whatever…. I don’t care dude. I really don’t. I just wanna enjoy myself, I want to spend time with my girls… I need a memorable night to forget and distract myself.

‘M lazy to upload pictures from my cam, or even maybe don’t have the time to. I’ll try to do it after prom. Till then sweethearts!