Today’s date might be significant to some, couples may emerge and people pray especially hard that good things might happen today. For me, I learnt an important lesson today. Part of me believes nothing really special will ever happen to me on this day, yet another part of me hopes miracles will happen today, so much so that I neglected the thought that everyday is a new day and everyday miracles will happen. Everyday is special and we can only live through once each day, that makes it like no other. Each day, there’s new hope, new beginnings, new miracles, not just today!

few days ago, we made it clear. Little does he know that I’ll give up anything and everything so that he’ll be happy. Some of the words stabbed me hard in the heart, and it kills to realise that this wasn’t real, it wasn’t mutual. I guess this is a part and parcel of life, at least I never felt more alive before. If letting go is what I’ve got to do, I shouldn’t be anymore selfish, right?