conversation gets colder, replies took longer, distance seems further… I always ask myself if this is the right choice. I am back to where I was, even though I know the ending. Sometimes, I feel ceaseless of insecurities overwhelming me. I need to be eased. Is it me, or is it things have already changed? no, I’m not doubting but I need to know. Because if that was it, perhaps I’ll let it go. There offers what I can, and maybe even more. What I have did may seems like nothing, but it’s my best I gave, there’s nothing more for me to give left. I’m reluctant, I really wish to stay. Push me away, I will take my leave, this time round, I promise I won’t look back.

approx. 1 more week and 2 more days, I fought half the battle, its not way I’m gonna give up now.