It’s not a good time to be doing this, but I was hooked up on a book and finished it after 2 days! Dear diary, I’ll tell you something that was never prominent in my character: I love reading. Once I start reading a story that promises a good plot, I can never stop. I’ll get so absorbed in the fiction world, and my life just seems to stop for that moment. The thing about books are that you’ll experience a complete other world, your imagination will just go beyond, it’s like you’re at the scene witnessing the story being unfold infront of you. I guess I like the feeling books give me, like it’s so out of my mundane life. Like sometimes you feel the character’s happiness, sometimes sorrow, sometimes it motivates you, sometimes you learn lessons out of it. It’s a first hand, awesomely wonderful experience that you, and only you, can feel.

Speaking of which, I’m a sucker for romance stories, be it movies or books, it’s mostly my choice. I guess there is where I gain my expectations from, like what I think real love should be. sometimes, it’s also answers to my situations. I guess that’s why I’m so fond of romance plots, because they show me a different perspectives, something I can never realize myself.

if your life were to replay infront of you, will it be something you would look at without regrets?