Life has been…. welllll. I made a decision but I can’t stick to it. When things don’t work out, i’ll like think/reflect/whatever-you-call-that. For the first time, I decided to look things from a third person angle, and i’m like: Hey, this isn’t really only my fault? Things just didn’t work out because all of us didn’t want it too. right? i mean like if someone wants something to work out, they’ll always find a way and fight for it. But look, we’re just sitting down and all.. darn it’s so right.

So my dear friend, i’m telling you this, things ain’t over, because it didn’t started. Not at all. For the first time, i chose not to believe, chose to just sit back and don’t bother. It’s not because I don’t care anymore, in fact i still do. But think about it, think about what you want. What you really, really want. Because only then, you know what you should do, how you should achieve it. Whatever you do, just make a freaking freaking decision ARGH.

So uhm, really quick update:

  • Happy Belated Birthday dearest Junjun! 
  • 6 more weeks to O’s baybeh!
  • No dress for prom (this is really pathetic)
  • life moves on

All the best my friends. seeya