Being a girl, the next big hooha other then fats at the abdominal area, and double chin and whatsoever, it’ll be pimple and big big eyebags! And i am experiencing it terribly now, sucks to be me! What’s worst is that, when i laugh, my eyebags will like make my already quite small eyes look pathetically small. I don’t even wish to see myself in the mirror now, i look like a cavewoman, do you know how i feel ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Life works in a way that you do the practical then you learn the theory, only when life gets hard on you, then will you appreciate the smallest things in life. All i wanna do all day now is to snuggle in my bed and the rain falls outside, i feel so bliss like that. For the past few days, i’ve been staying up for nights again. Sleeping only for 3 to 4 hours a day. people say it’s prelim, but I think that every procedure matters because that’s how you reach your finishing point. This time i studied weeks before prelim, this time i did my homework, try to keep myself awake in class, do practices at home and this time, i screwed my exams again. But no, it’s not gonna discourage me from attaining my dream results in O level! Suck on that bitches.

Yesterday, we had a mini birthday celebration for our dear sister. Even though it’s just a bbq, and that it’s the same 17 people we see in school everyday, but it’s such a memorable day. Y’know the bond that’s just in our blood. Although 2 years of classmates and then our path are different now, but everytime we have a gathering, it feels the same like before. 2 Diligence 09! Anyways, glad that Lina enjoyed her day! If only everyday is filled with that kind of joy, how wonderful life will be. Before the day ends, I wanna wish my dear sister again a very BIG sweet 16th, thanks for accompanying me through some parts of my life, i don’t know what school and my life will be without you! Lots Of Love xoxo.


Miss my ol’mates so much 😉