Finally the week is over. I pulled through it, I’m still alive, or maybe just half. But the point is, I pulled through it! This week was indeed very tiresome. There was physics SPA, my last 2.4km run, and Chinese oral. Really, thank god that physics SPA and Chinese oral wasn’t that tough, hope it’s gonna be fine! And then Chinese oral was okay (i think), hopefully I don’t have to retake Chinese. And yes, thank you for being here with me every time there’s something major on, and then you’ll take your grand exit. But never mind, I’ll learn to find the ‘good’ in goodbye.

Today, attended Jaynie’s 18th celebration. It was a total blast, the kind of birthday every girl would want, seriously! It was held at a ballroom at Yishun Safra, the birthday girl had 3 different gorgeous dress! My childhood friend, ex-neighbour, have all grown up. There was indeed a weird awkwardness between us, but I remember those times where me and bro would run over to their house to play with ’em or have dinner together when our parents were not around, and the times we spent together in Philippines. Good ol’ times really. So anyways, i think her party was great. There was like father-daughter’s dance, her brother’s meaningful speech really touched me to tears, big big Burberry bag from her mom, idk how many Juicy Couture(s) from her aunts! Envy much man. And a party can never be short of dance, so at the end, the place totally turned into a dance floor. Had such a crazy time dancing, god knows when was the last time I danced!

I wouldn’t say I’m not striving now, I’m trying my best not to sleep in class everyday, finish my homework, and do some self revision/study. 15 more weeks guys, we can do it!