So yeterday was 26th. 26 was significant in a way that June hols are over (okay it never actually started), and also I always learn something on this day. This time, I’ve learnt that the higher expectations you have, the harder you fall. Not that you shouldn’t have hopes in things, you should just put them in things you have more confidence in. hope is a waking dream, but some dreams aren’t reality at all.

My holiday haven’t been that great, till the back of it when everything is fine again! Shopping, teevee time, computer time, I’m gonna cut them all down to only certain weekends. Approx. 14 more months to O’s, I’ve to really study everyday so I can keep the momentum. And this period of time, I should take a break from everything else. Becuz at the end, you either make it or break it, right? But I really admire those with motivations to study, those people that have others by their side giving physical and mental and moral support. Kinda hate myself for not having enough determination and perseverance. Sometimes I feel like a failure in everything, like I’m never good enough.