Horrendously bad hair day, dark dark eye rings, panda-looking eyes really dampened my mood for the day. Why, no wonder the pictures were only forcibly awesome. Say no and you can jump off the building now. I know I looked like crap, but give me just a bit of pride to live on. Now you can’t deny that just because I painstakingly brought out my DSLR with me despite my bags full of books. Nah, but it’s okay though, anything for Gin! I love that girl, when we’re cranky, we crack all sorts jokes and laugh like retards!


I’ve known a boy not for long, and no matter how messy I possibly could be, he would still tell me I look perfect enough. My oh my, how he used to brighten my day! Who knows if his words were true, and as naive as I may be called, I still trust ‘em. People would say: “hey, i heard he’s nice”,  “oh, how true could it be? I don’t really know” i would reply, but my heart would light up at the words of compliment and sing: “indeed he’s the best”. Now that he’s gone to find a life he prefers to live in, now I should be happy for him  :)