A few days ago marks a new chapter of my life. I deleted 12526 of memories, including those locked ones. Now, i used to think that keeping these memories would make me happy when i’m down, then i realised i was wrong. These memories were the ones holding me down, making me turn back again and again. Though they were precious, but they were not the same without their origin, and it’s already long gone. As hard as it may seems, i chose to give them up. I need new chapters in my life story, and not always stuck at the same place. And y’know what? you don’t have to be someone you ain’t to please others, becuz people who loves you will love you for who you are, if not they don’t really love you. Now I have all my thoughts figured out, it’s a point of no turning.

Long gone are those days where we were carefree; no burdens, no problems, and smiles were genuine. But I guess this are all part of life we got to go through. Reminiscing primary school days, where holidays were really holidays; no whatsoever mountainous pile of homework or remedial or such. Unlike now.  Though, past few days were kind of relaxing and enjoyable(which is not suppose to be). Went to tour around from ‘the cathay’ to ‘esplanade’ via foot with Lina and saw many awesome places or rather museums that we didn’t even realized their existence, movie marathons till late, a little shopping and such. Which is my reasons why I haven’t been touching any books or hardly any homework, OH NO. Approx. 2 weeks left before holidays are over, so fast!!! I’ve gotta start my engine, choo chooo chooooo~

And for today, celebrated granny’s birthday(actual’s on 10th June). Happy birthday Granny, I love you sooo soooo sooo much!  Anyways, had a great night today. Good food, good music, karaoke to many ol’ and nostalgic but wonderful songs! My family contains a bunch of mad but funny people, heehee.

K, gonna stop here. Going to watch (another) movie, Easy A. Did I mention I am currently head over heels with Cam Gigandet? He’s such a cute hottie! Heehee, g’bye!