Tell the world I am back!

Did i mention i had a haircut? from long long fringe to bangs! It’s long bangs though, so can’t really tell it’s bangs. And i have also snipped 5cm at the back of my hair. Feels so fresh! Long hair can be pretty, but it gets bored after too long. Sad? nope. Hair can always grow again!

So Chinese O’s, paper 1 and 2 is over. I’m glad becuz after one week of intensive training and all, i think our efforts were put in good use. Paper 1 was about teen’s problem, which is totally what we love the most! Paper 2 was kind of hard though. Still, hope I do well, I don’t wanna retake it again.

How have life been for y’all? Ever since June holidays started, I’ve only one word to describe my current life…. suck. Seriously! Holidays haven’t been like holiday. After our chinese paper, straight lessons for the week (which is this week). Imagine how spoilspot it is? GSS is in town and I’ve yet to shop, what is this! Though, I have made shopping plans with a few people already, heehee. Can’t help it, retail therapy is essential for me. Furthermore,  we’ve gotta relax a little right? But no worries, becuz in the midst of all these enjoying and shopping, i’m planning to study too(which i’ve yet to plan but soon to come). Like what they say, find joy in the mundane life. Yeah, getting excited to go shopping/movie dates/study dates/doing nothings/ shopping with mom/shopping with friends/Shepard’s pie with Beaunice etc. Life can really be interesting! Nobody can tell me I can’t.

Anyways, I know today’s update is such a bore. Too bad my life hasn’t always been interesting so live with it. It’s even more boring when Gossip Girl season 5 is only out in September! meanwhile, it’s summer time! Time for some summer romance, mini beach parties, grills sessions and most importantly… SUMMER OUTFITS! Play hard, study hard folks. Till then.