After a month of adapting and accepting, I think Huang jiebo lao shi is really someone worth to look up to. She’s one teacher that care for all 72 students in her class, making sure that we get all the practice and help that we need. She never fails to motivate us with her “you’ve already walked 90 steps, what’s 10 more?” She’s indeed really caring, becuz my chinese has always been that weak, but she never gives up on us. She told me that I can do it, and I’ve gotta bring in with me confidence and knowledge as well. Having such a teacher makes me feel so fortunate. Everyone have such high hopes in me, becuz they feel I am capable of achieving it. I’m gonna do my best for this monday’s chinese O’s. It’s something I worked hard for, so I cannot give up on myself in between this 3 more days. I can do it, I must not be a disappointment to myself, what’s more to the people that believes in me.

Already tired and fatigue, it sucks more when you see things you don’t want to. I believe in my heart, and the trust I have in people. I believe in what I see as well. Somehow both of them don’t match at all. And one day, all these childish, stupid, foolish emotions won’t affect me anymore. Gotta learn that ignorance is bliss, accept reality, and move on with life.