Suppose to be doing chinese, but I’m in a real lousy mood just now, well a little better now. It’s nice when there’s people around you who actually cares. Or not. Anyways, it sucks when someone you love turns into someone you bear hatred for. Why? I don’t want this to happen either, but everything that comes out from your mouth, when is it ever good? All you do to say how much I’m a failure. I get it y’know, I really do. Was a bright girl in the past, brought you proud with prizes and positions, now that I’m one mothafking loser that got chosen for ptm.. yeah so sorry I didn’t study hard, didn’t put in any effort in everything I do. Neither have you really care anyways, you don’t even give me mutual support. All you do is only open your mouth like as if it can change the world. Words are cheap. I’m so sorry I’m such a let down. Sometimes, you’re really right, I’m that dumb. Perhaps I am. But y’know, everything I do, I look upon you. You’re my daily role model, have you really thought about it? Every actions I do today, what not have I learn from you? Speaking fluent sacarsm, demoralizing, unsupportive in every crap, which of it wasn’t what you taught me? I am a reflection upon you, and I myself feels so terrible sometimes. Tell me about it.

I’m done being sad and disappointed and all. It’s always happening. I’m always left to pick myself up and stand up again, what’s another time?