Okay this is trending on twitter nao, but i’d wordpress it instead!

1. My family

2. My close and real friends (at least if I think they are?)

3. People who bothers to tolerate me at my worst and love me at my best

4. People who remembers my birthday back in their head

5. People who knows my flaws but love me anyway

6. People who tries to imitate me, really entertaining!

7. Those who have a great sense of humor, always laughing when I’m with them

8. People whom I can be around with doing nothing for the whole day, just talking crap etc.

9. Okay, these aren’t people, but I love my dogs!

10. People with a great heart

11. Singers with awesome voice and meaningful songs

12. Those who take time to understand me without being judgemental

13. Gorgeous and skilful actors/actress

14. Can’t deny this… hot/cute guys

15. Mesmerizing, graceful and jaw-dropping dancers

16. Fairies and santa claus, I do believe in them sometimes!

17. People who stands by me at times of trouble, and also share times of happiness tgt

18. Those who list me in their priorities

19. Those who knows my weakness but never used them on me to bring me down

20. Encouraging dudes