Hi again. Just thought that it’s been ages since my hand is on paper and pen to really write a letter. Y’know, not to school teachers for exams, but too people. used to write a lot of ’em for my friends, but soon, over time and time, this habit disappeared. I really missed those times when I received letters, my friends telling me about their life, their problems, all about them. Those affirmations. Yeah good ol’ times huh. I was thinking that I should probably start writing letters again, though i don’t know for whom. Even if i do, i guess they won’t be send out either. Hmm. It just sucks, the feeling that things wouldn’t be the same again. I’m always stuck in the past, not a good thing? not sure either.

It’s 3.24 now, wide awake i am. i think i’m thinking too much again. It always happen, can’t help it too. So g’night/g’morning. I hope i won’t live my life with regrets, but from the number of doubts and uncertainties i have in myself now, i guess i should learn to have faith right? good bye.