So the elections just ended, and my district, Marine Parade GRC safely landed in the hands of PAP once again. For starters, i want to clearly bring out that i’m neutral to both oppositions and PAP, but i find that my district Marine parade GRC should just continue to ride with the lightnings, because we were so well taken care off, and that people shouldn’t just vote for the opposition just because they don’t like TPL for every reasons. Why get rid of Mr Goh Chok Tong, just because you don’t fancy someone from his team? Sure you may say that Nicole seah from NSP is better then TPL and such, but is she the best for us?

This really leads me thinking that some people vote for oppositions just because they don’t like Singapore’s policies and such, so they want to go against our current ruling party, which is PAP. Can you imagine after so many years, another party ruling Singapore? Maybe the oppositions have good things to offer to us, i don’t know la. But whatever is it, we are taken great care under the hands of PAP, this is really undeniable. We have good facilities, good infrastructures, except for the fact that tax and cost of living is high here. Really, if we don’t pay, where do we get all these? Money don’t drop from the sky.

Another really sad news is that Mr George Yeo does not have a seat in the parliment anymore. I don’t see why people disregards him because he’s a really good minister and takes care of his people really well. He may not have listened to his people, but ‘do what is right, not what is popular’. Everything he does comes with a consequence, so can’t just listen to what people have to say right? And for Mr Chiam See Tong too, he’s old but he’s another really admirable leader. these 2 ministers really earn my utmost respect.

Today, Happy Mother’s Day! I’m really grateful for mom’s care, love, concern, faith, hopes and trust in me. Nobody can do it better, nobody would do it better. Nobody  in this world would sacrifice as much as she did, just for a better life for me. As such, had a mini surprise and celebration with my maternal family in whole! Barbecued at East Coast Park. The beach made me feel rather melancholic though, but i had an awesome view of sunset and a sky full of stars!

And i believe, i can make it through the rain, i can stand up once again, on my own. The next time, i probably wouldn’t let my guards so easily anymore. What do i get? All i do is making a fool out of myself again and again. I’m really dumb, aren’t i? I learnt it the hard way, and so it did hurt.