They say silence is a girl’s loudest cry, what do you think? Do the society stereotype that most females are weak and softhearted in nature? Basically, girls just bottle up emotions in their heart, they wouldn’t share them with anyone/everyone for various reasons: shy, trust-issues, embarrassing etc. And when problems overflow the capacity their heart can take, they break down, is this considered as weak? Utterly rubbish. Firstly, to tolerate or face emotional matters takes a lot of courage and mental strength, that alone makes a females stronger then many people think. Secondly, I believe many males would also pledge guilty if this was a crime. And lastly, I would say this is just part and parcel of life, obstacles we are bound to face at every point of  reality.

So, remember, if someone tells you their trouble, you’re probably someone worth trusting, never abuse this; plastering a smiles on faces doesn’t mean people don’t fall asleep crying, be understanding. Trust should never be taken for granted, care should remain just as concern and love.