This few days are sure full of surprises, all thanks to my dear girls and guys! So here it goes. My clique knows how much i dislike birthday celebrations in school canteen cuz it’s darn attract attention, and then on the Thursday, they popped out a cake from no where and then shouting birthday song in mid air! It’s kind of embarrassing, but who cares, it’s my last year in HIHS anyways!

The second one was exactly midnight, 12am+, SOMEONE brought Ben & Jerry’s to my house, muahahahaha. I thought it was a joke or something! Had a i-can’t-hear-clearly birthday song and a lighter as a candle, b&j’s as my cake. I swear it was awesome and touching, thanks Jiaxiang!

The third one was at my house, my sisters(Beaunice, Minjun, Lina, Gerlissa) crashed in when I just bathed and was in the most nobody-would-want-to-see-me state! I had a very big card, full of memories :’) And then, food start disappearing from my refrigerator! But Gerlissa had to go as well 😦

Fourth, I just came out of the dressing room of forever21, and then ALL of them went missing. So i was like searching and searching, didn’t see who was infront of me, heh.  It’s really unforeseeable and unexpected indeed! I was like darn dumbfounded and i think i would have look darn retarded at that moment. So we caught ‘Arthur’ and had nachos and ice lemon tea, omh nom nom nom~ And everything came with a present! I mean it’s already a big bombshell already, and that’s more then enough! Love it.

Last but not the least, mom and dad booked Marina Mandarin and had everybody over a plus cake full of roses, so sweet! And Beaunice was really bad at lying, she still say i fail at it! Like seriously, especially when yuxuan appeared, super suspicious! heehee.

Really guys, i can’t thank you all enough for everything! Though it was ephemeral, but it’s as miracles happened yesterday! 16th birthday is one of the most treasured birthday, and that i don’t need any lavishing party to get over this day, cuz I had the best day with my loved/close ones by me. And i can never ever forget this moment. You all are the best darn thing that happened in my life! Mom, family and Beaunice, i guess you all were the ones that planned almost everything, making it really unforgettable for me. My dear sisters, Minjun and Lina too! And the guys, Jiaxiang Justin Yuxuan Isaac Christophe Nicholas Mengyeow Richard and Wilson.  And mom, for holding me 9 months in your tummy, bringing me out to see this beautiful world, tolerating me for 16 years and counting. Oh and lastly, thanks for all the wishes as well.

I love y’all soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much